"The Gospel According to Barley" Splitsider

"What Happens When The Simpsons Becomes Dad Humor?" Splitsider

"The Devolution of the Modern Kitchen" Hazlitt

"A Eulogy for Blockbuster" The Bygone Bureau

"A Blog by Any Other Name" The Bygone Bureau

"The Undead Will Always Be There For You" The Bygone Bureau

"The Masterpiece and the Mouthbreather" Little Brother Magazine, 1

Review: "Akaneiro: Demon Hunters" Kill Screen

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"Six Sweet Valley High Novels That Were Ghostwritten by Confucius" McSweeney's

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"Commercial Break" Little Brother Magazine, 2

"Dramatis Personae" NANO Fiction 6.2

"Dovetailed Delusions" CBC Writes Autobiography Challenge (short-listed)

Lectures & Readings:

Dec 2013, Trampoline Hall, "My Dad is Cooler than Me"

Oct 2013, University of Alabama, "NANO Fiction's 5 at 5"

Sept 2013, Toronto, ON, "Amazing New Stuff Reading Series"

Jan 2012, Queen's University, "Academic Integrity Round Table"

Television & Radio:

The Last Minute, CKWS

Soft-Boiled Detective Story, CFRC


"clever, riveting" The Globe and Mail

"*This guy's way too smart to write about cartoons." Bruce Sterling, Hugo Award winning author and editor of the Mirrorshades anthology, via Twitter

"Fun evening @TrampolineHall with @mishaglouberman @TheGarrisonTO Speaker Cian Cruse on his cool dad became a kind of valentine to him #Sweet" Eleanor Wachtel, host of CBC Radio's Writers & Company, via Twitter

Interview: Five Questions with Cian Cruise NANO Fiction

"Then there's Cian Cruise, freshly film schooled, with the balls to compare Fellini to something animated called Shin Seiki Evangelion"Weird Canada

Big plans for Canada's new literary magazine, Little Brother Quill & Quire